The Secret To Becoming A Black Belt

Most of the Yudansha or Black Belts produced at most dojos were not people who possessed great natural talent, or who had above average flexibility, speed, or strength. The key factor that enabled them to become Black Belts was their ability to attend regularly and to keep working towards the achievement of their Black Belts no matter what else came up in their lives.

Regular attendance is the single most important factor in becoming a Black Belt. Any student who attends regularly should be able to one day receive their own highly coveted Black Belt. There is a saying that goes, “A Black Belt is just a White Belt who never gave up.”

I want to encourage each of you to follow the excellent example set by your seniors in the karate, those who went before you, and commit yourself to attending class on as regular a basis as possible.

If you miss a class, you are always allowed to make it up and you should do so before the end of a one month period. No one, except in special situations, should miss a make-up class. (Special situations are those in which you were unable to attend for reasons outside your control – i.e., vacations, illnesses, injuries, business trips, etc.)

Remember, good attendance habits will assist you in successfully earning your own highly coveted, life enhancing Black Belt. Good luck and commit yourself right now to never missing a class!