Yoga is a wonderful art that aids in centering, balance and stress reduction. Through assisted yoga postures, guided breathing and meditation you can experience the connection of your physical and emotional self; encouraging release, personal growth, and the bringing together of body, mind and spirit.

“As I journey from one of life’s phases to another I am so thankful that you and yoga have been such a stabilizing and supportive part of my life.” ~ Vivian Pasche, Harris

KKA offers yoga in monthly sessions as well as drop in classes. We are currently offering beginner programs moving on to intermediate and advanced levels as students are ready.

Julia Phillips

Julia Phillips is our yoga instructor. Julia is the area’s most senior Yoga instructor with a full 600 hour certification from both the Yoga Alliance and the Institute of the Himalayan Tradition with direct lineage back to Swami Rama.

She has a Minnesota teaching credential as well as an extensive fitness background.

Some of Julia’s qualifications include:

  • BS in Education
  • Minnesota teaching credential for secondary education
  • 600 hour Yoga Teaching Certification
  • YMCA certificate in water fitness
  • National Arthritis Foundation water therapy certification
  • Red Cross CPR and First Aid certification
  • Bally’s Total Fitness certification in water fitness and yoga
  • On going training in yoga through the Institute of the Himalayan Tradition