I Want to Quit

The most important reason to not quit is what it does for you. It sets you on a path of success. Not quiting proves to yourself that you can do things – that you can accomplish a goal. It also builds self confidence, focus, self control and self discipline – all character traits that are vital to any success.

If you can do this, accomplish this goal, then you can do other things and accomplish other goals.

Below is a story by Sensei Steven M. Franz out of Ohio. I think it does a great job of telling us why karate is so important.


Conversation at the dojo…

Student, “I want to quit.”

Sensei, “Really? Why?”

Student, “I didn’t realize how hard it is to get a black belt.”

Sensei, “So you just thought you would show up and get one?”

Student, “Sort of…I also thought I would be one in a year.”

Sensei, “So you want to quit because it is hard work and you have to put in the time to become a black belt?”

Student, “Yes…well sort of…but yea.”

Sensei, “OK but remember this…you are quitting something because you want it your way. You aren’t willing to put forth the effort, drive and hard work to achieve it. When this happens in life you can,t just quit. You have to be strong enough to face that challenge. You are quitting the only thing that will give you the ability to do so.”

Student, “I really want to play my video games instead of coming to Karate.”

Sensei, “Sigh (Smacks forehead) Get on the mat and train. You aren’t quitting. Both reasons are stupid.”

Student, no smile. Gets on the mat.

Class is over later and leaves with a big smile.

This repeats itself about every three months.


Fast forward 10 years later. Sensei gets an email out of the blue thanking him for being so tough on said student who just graduated top of their class from college and landed their dream job.

Sensei sits in chair, smiles and is thankful to his Sensei for being the exact same way with him.